Beat The Cuck – Goddess Randi

Goddess Randi is beautiful, rich and has the perfect boyfriend. And She knows it. She likes to rub it all in her cuckolds face, because he’s got none of these things. Every day he’s a loser and She’s a winner.

goddess randi cuckold

Goddess Randi Cuckoldress

Beat The Cuck
After a loong night of FUCKING My BOYFRIEND, We wake up and I call for Our slave because We feel like having champagne served to Us in bed. I ring My service bell and the fucking slave’s head pops up next to the bed! Apparently last night I commanded it to bow its ugly fucking face down into My pumps I had been wearing all night on Our date (that IT paid for! LOL!) and commanded it to inhale the scent of MY feet from inside My shoes while it had to listen to Us FUCKING in the bed right above it! LOL! I don’t even remember it, cuz I was drunkk but this loser obeys Me even when I’m drunkk and don’t know what I’m talking about …LOL! Now THAT’S a good SLAVE! :) The fucking obedient freak spent ALL night literally BOWING DOWN TO US, with its face buried in My shoes while We fucked & slept in a warm, comfortable bed and completely forgot about it down there! HAHAHA!!!!

So while We are sipping Our champagne, We decide We want to “go another round” in bed together…and as “foreplay” to get us turned on to fuck some more, My boyfriend says he wants to watch Me beat the FUCK out of My cuck-slave! LOL! He is actually finding out that this stuff turns Him on as much as it does ME! :) (I LOOOVE Him sooo much!!!)……