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Humiliatrix Extraordinaire Ceara Lynch is here featuring a very hot POV Cuckolding two part scene.

Ceara Lynch Cuckolding

Ceara Lynch Cock Curious

Cock Curious
I have a confession to make, baby. Something crazy happened at work today but I swear it wasn’t my fault. You see, I walked in on one of my coworkers in the bathroom today and accidentally saw his cock. It was huge! I couldn’t believe it. It looked nothing like your tiny thing. I didn’t think he was all that attractive before but now that I’ve seen how big he is I can’t stop thinking about him. Feel how wet my pussy is right now. I’ve been so horny sense I saw it I want to fuck him so bad. You’re not mad are you? You seem surprisingly okay with this. Oh my god, are you hard right now? Seriously? I wear this sexy lingerie and you struggle to get it up, but the moment I tell you about a big cock you’re rock hard…..

Ceara Lynch Cuckold

Inner Slut – Ceara Lynch

My Inner Slut
[Part 2 of the video “Cock Curious.”] I call you on the phone from my hotel room. You’ll never believe this – but I actually went through with it! We went out of dinner and drinks. I thought I could control myself, but once he started stroking my pussy underneath the table, I just had to have him. We went up into our room and fucked all night baby! I was amazing. His cock is so thick and long. I didn’t know sex could be this good. He kept telling me how tight my pussy was, he couldn’t believe I was married! “Doesn’t your husband ever fuck you?” he said, haha! It was incredible, like it was the first time having a real man inside me…